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Laundromat Introduction By Ken Barrett

              Are you interested in owning your own Laundromat and trying to find where to start?
This is it.
                       I’ll explain what it’s like to run a Laundromat, What my days are like and even show you some pictures of one of my Laundromats during renovations.

Feeling Dirty- Life As A Laundromat Owner By Ken Barrett

       Feeling Dirty                    
               So you want to own a Laundromat but don’t know where to start. This  book is the first in a Series that covers the basics of a Laundromat to help you develop a better understanding of the dynamics of store setup and operation.
               Clear explanations of industry terms and examples from actual stores      provide a solid foundation to start your own Laundromat business.
               Available on Amazon


Business Planning


The Laundromat Investor Package

Included in this package:

  • Business Plan Template
  • 3- Year Financial Plan Template
  • Construction and Start Up Actual Costs
  • Renovation Pictures
  • Simple Pro-Forma Layout
  • Demographic Information and Presentation
  • New Store Cost Budgeting Form
  • And so much more.

           This is the information I used to start my Laundromat Business. It has been tested and proven. 



Store Setup And Operation

Cash Register

There is no need to spend the money on a cash register when you can get one for free. I have used this at Washin Golden Springs Coin Laundry since the first day. 

  Contact David Morgan at 800-277-1020 Ext 745 or by email at

Make sure you mention Ken Barrett and Washin Golden Springs to get the best deal.


        Having an integrated Credit Card Reader reduces time at the register and the eliminates mistakes when transferring the card to a stand alone Credit Card Reader. 


Phone System

I recommend RingCentral

       Your customers need a method to contact your team in case of a problem. Provide a number that allows you options to direct the call. I have used RingCentral since 2009 for all of my business needs. When I travel I simply redirect the calls from the store to a local contact person.

Try RingCentral Professional FREE for 30 days
Canada- We’ve got you covered as well   Try RingCentral Professional Canada FREE for 30 days




Daily Operation and Training

Employee Manual

      This Employee Manual has been designed for Laundromat use but can be modified for use in any business.
          At over 7,000 words and 25 pages it covers all areas of Employee Relationships.
          Providing clear and concise information to your employees prevents frustration and possible legal issues.

Operation Standards- Laundromat


                  I struggled through learning to do Drop Off Laundry and training Employees and the Laundromat I bought already had a Drop Off Business. The customers and income were there I just needed to provide a consistent, professional product.

   Then I realized that the only way to provide the same results from all of the employees was to have a set of Operation Standards.

These Operation Standards allow me to train new employees from the first day to provide the same level of quality as seasoned employees.

                So even if you are doing your own work, having a set of Operation Standards ensures you do a consistently good job, are able to train an employee, if needed, and provides the crucial step in moving to the position of Company Owner.





Simple And Easy Website

Weebly: If you are looking for a quick, Drag and Drop website builder to get started for FREE I recommend Weebly


Online Lead Capture

Leadpages: We use LeadPages for everything when it comes to sales pages, opt-in forms, video courses…you name it, LeadPages does it! 


Email Marketing 

Get Response: Collecting emails and building your customer list is essential to building your business.

                 Get Response is a one stop shop to build your email list, send emails and newsletters and get promotions and new Products and Services directly to your customers.


Personal Development 

Audio Books Listening to audio books is a great way to improve yourself and your business. You can listen while you drive, walk or just relaxing. 

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